We provide personal advice on the right insurance to meet your needs. This allows you to fully protect your family, your home and your future.


As a company we have a passion for providing personalised insurance protection to our customers. From our base in Hamilton we work with customers to meet their needs.

One size insurance does not fit all, so we make sure we understand you and what you want to protect so that we can cover you in the most effective way.

Understand Your Financial Needs

Providing for your family

Nobody knows what the future holds, we hope it will be filled with sunny days giving us all a smooth and happy life. But the facts are that most sunny days are followed by rain. How are you planning to maintain yours families lifestyle if you are affected by illness, unemployment or worse? We can help you plan for the things you hope will never happen.
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Business Planning

Protecting your business

Being in business is tough when you are fit and well, but what would happen if you were sick, not just a cold, but so sick you couldn't do your job or run your business, what would happen? What would happen if your business partner was sick or got killed? Often when you are running your business you don't think about these what ifs, but what if...
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